Ruth Hartman

I bring over four decades of culinary and hospitality expertise to French Creek Cottage and Farm. As a certified chef with 45 years of experience, I've practiced my homestyle cooking in my personal kitchens over the years and at my historic Coffee Creek Ranch before it was lost to a wildfire. My passion for cooking and creating my own recipes extends beyond the kitchen—I'm also the published author of a children's book, "To Peak or Not to Peak: The Monster I Dread to Meet by Rudi." This creative spirit infuses my cooking with a sense of purpose when it comes to food for our health and overall well-being. I find joy in teaching my guests cooking skills they have found difficult or just couldn’t master in the past.  

In addition to my culinary skills, I also practice holistic health, incorporating this philosophy into the meals I serve. I believe that food is not just fuel for the body but also medicine for the mind and soul. By using fresh, organic ingredients and incorporating holistic principles into my cooking, I create meals that nourish the body and uplift the spirit. My dedication to creating wholesome, delicious food is evident in every dish I prepare using organic foods, especially from my large garden on the farm.

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